3-Pack Women’s Cotton Crop Sport Tanks: Yoga & Gym Ready

The highest level of comfort and flexibility thanks to an elasticized fit composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. 

Washing machines are necessary—simple upkeep and care, like washing clothes in the machine without difficulty. 

Global Manufacturing Standards: China supplies this high-quality, globally compliant fabric. 

Adjustable and Supportive: A drawstring-equipped elastic waist provides a snug fit and steady support. 

Easy to use while on the go: It is designed to safely store personal goods in the back pocket and two side pockets. 

Designed for Mobility: A 5-inch inseam offers a full range of motion, making it appropriate for daily activities and exercise. 

Reliability assured: pre-shrunk and wash-treated to reduce fading and keep suppleness over time. 

Versatile Style: These shorts are ideal for jogging, working out, or lounging. They are a wardrobe must. 

Enhance Your Exercise: To feel and look your best for every situation, get the IMPACT 5″ Shorts immediately. 🎋‍♀️🌒 


Fit and Usability of the Cotton Workout Shorts AIMPACT 5: The AIMPACT 5 Cotton Workout Shorts are thoughtfully developed for athletes who value fit and usefulness. Take your training to the next level. With a 95% cotton and 5% spandex composition, these shorts provide the ideal flexibility and comfort. These shorts are made to withstand any workout while offering plenty of mobility, making them perfect for fitness enthusiasts and anyone with an active lifestyle. 

Essential characteristics: 

High-quality fabric composed of a flexible and breathable blend of spandex and cotton. It’s robust even though it’s soft. 

Machine washable: The convenience of machine washing and easy care make maintenance easier. 

Superiority in imports: they come from China and meet international manufacturing standards. 

Drawstring-equipped elastic waist: This fit can be adjusted to give uniform support and snugness. 

Many Pockets: This bag has two side pockets and a rear pocket, making it ideal for transporting small personal items like wallets and phones. 

Since the 5-inch inseam allows for an infinite range of motion for daily work and exercises, it is the perfect length for active wear. 

Pre-shrunk and wash-treated: These shorts are made to last and stay consistently soft over time with an improved procedure to reduce fading and shrinking. 

Wear It Anywhere: These shorts may be worn for various occasions, including casual wear, morning runs, and gym days. 

Guidelines for Maintenance: 

Avoid using bleach on your IMPACT 5″ Cotton Workout Shorts to keep them in the best possible condition. 

You can choose to wash by hand or in a machine. 

To get the best results, wash at room temperature. 

Meet Style and Function: The IMPACT 5″ Cotton Workout Shorts are a brilliant addition to your exercise attire since they blend fashion and function seamlessly. They are more than simply a piece of apparel. Whether you’re having a laid-back day or pushing the boundaries during a strenuous workout, these shorts offer the comfort, flexibility, and durability you need to help you achieve your full potential. 

With the IMPACT 5″ Cotton Workout Shorts, are you prepared to leave your mark on every rep, every sprint, and every second of your workout? 🎋