Athletic Shorts & Shirt Combo

BUYJYA Men’s Workout Set Summary

Elevate your sporting experience with the dynamic BUYJYA Men’s Workout Set. Merging high style with supreme functionality, this coordinated shirt and shorts combo is engineered for the active man who wants to keep cool while making noticeable fitness gains.

The BUYJYA Men’s Workout Set is your key to athletic excellence, combining fashion-forward design with materials crafted for performance. Lightweight, comfortable, and designed to enhance all forms of athletic pursuit, this set keeps you focused on surpassing personal records. Perfect for a range of activities, from intense gym sessions to casual hikes, this workout set is a quintessential addition for anyone serious about sport and style.


BUYJYA Men’s Workout Set: Athletic Shorts & Shirt Combo

Energize your workouts and bring your A-game to every sport with the BUYJYA Men’s Workout Set. This athletic shorts and shirt combo is designed for your active lifestyle, offering style and functionality in one package. Play hard and stay cool while showcasing your fitness gains.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted with 100% Polyester, this workout set promises to provide durability and high performance for intense training sessions.


  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only to maintain the superior quality of the fabric.
  • Closure Type: Featuring a hassle-free Pull-On closure that provides ease and comfort when moving.
  • Quick-Drying and Moisture-Wicking: Innovatively designed to transport moisture away from your skin, leaving you relaxed, dry, and focused on your sport.
  • Breathable Design: The fabric’s breathability ensures that your skin remains irritation-free, delivering a ‘second skin’ feel.
  • Slim & Tight Fit: Fits snuggly to your physique, highlighting your muscle definition and silhouette, helping you to move without restrictions.
  • Versatility: Whether hitting the gym, sprinting in a basketball game, cycling through the countryside, or engaging in high-octane running, this workout set applies to all-season usage.
  • Optimal for Various Activities: Excelling in versatility, it’s suitable for outdoor sports, gym training, jogging, hiking, or simply for casual daily wear.
  • Size Selection: Select your perfect fit based on your usual size. For lovers of a looser fit, going up a size is recommended.
  • Origin: Proudly imported, with its roots in China, reflecting global craftsmanship.


The BUYJYA Men’s Workout Set is not just an addition to your wardrobe; it’s an investment in your athletic pursuits. Experience the blend of style and technological fabric prowess, aiding your performance on all fronts. The lightweight and comfortable design ensures that your focus remains undivided on achieving new personal bests.

Whether you’re pushing the limits in your workout, scoring points on the court, or enjoying a leisurely hike, this shorts and shirt set will provide the comfort and support you need. Add the BUYJYA Men’s Workout Set to your gear to unlock a new zenith of athleticism and style!