Your Practice with the Manduka PRO: Yoga’s Ultimate Companion

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat Summary

Elevate your yoga experience with the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat, revered by yoga professionals and fitness experts. This mat epitomizes luxury and reliability with its high-density cushioning, providing comfort without sacrificing stability. Crafted from 100% latex-free, emission-free materials, it’s an environmentally responsible choice for wellness enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated Black colour and premium PVC material.
  • Impeccable Dimensions: 71″L x 26″ W x 0.24″Th, ensuring space for all postures.
  • Substantial Weight: 7.5 pounds for unparalleled grounded support.
  • Hand wash only for easy care.

The Manduka PRO boasts a non-slip grip that enhances over time, fostering seamless posture transitions. Tailored for a lifetime of use, it’s the ultimate investment for those who value the amalgamation of performance and comfort in their practice. Enhance your yoga routine with the Manduka PRO, the mat that adapts to your dedication and style.


Discover unparalleled support and stability with the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat. Tailored for the discerning yoga enthusiast and recommended by top fitness instructors and yoga therapists, this mat is a true blend of reliability and luxury. Here’s why the Manduka PRO is the crown jewel of yoga mats:

Key Features

  • Colour: Sophisticated Black
  • Brand: Esteemed Manduka
  • Material: Premium Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Product Care: Effortless Hand Wash Only
  • Dimensions: Generous 71″L x 26″W x 0.24″Th, accommodating any pose
  • Weight: Solid 7.5 Pounds, grounded and stable

About The Manduka PRO

  • Imported Quality: Proudly imported, designed to meet your highest expectations.
  • Best in Class: Ascend to the pinnacle of yoga practice with the #1 choice of professionals — a mat designed to last a lifetime.
  • High-Density Cushion: With a luxurious 6mm of cushioning, it provides unparalleled comfort and joint protection without compromising on stability.
  • Responsibly Made: Lovingly handcrafted in a clean, emissions-free facility in Germany from 100% latex-free PVC, certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
  • Optimized Grip: Experience the non-slip grip that improves with use. Its textured top layer ensures fluid transitions between postures.
  • Easy to Care For: While the closed-cell material locks out moisture, maintain the mat’s pristine condition with the Manduka Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh spray and Botanical Cleaner, designed explicitly for our mats.

Ideal For

  • Yoga Practitioners looking for a lifetime investment
  • Fitness Instructors who demand the best for their students
  • Wellness Advocates dedicated to an earth-friendly lifestyle

Elevate your yoga practice with the Manduka PRO — the definitive choice for those who take their practice seriously and crave the synergy of comfort and performance. Experience the difference true quality makes and transform the way you connect with your practice today.