TRX GO: Your Ultimate Full-Body Portable Workout System

TRX GO: Your Portable Full-Body Workout Companion

TRX GO is the ultimate portable full-body workout system you need to stay active and achieve fitness goals, regardless of your location. It is designed for fitness fanatics, busy professionals, and home workout lovers. Crafted from durable nylon with comfortable foam handles and weighing just 2 pounds, the sleek grey TRX GO offers:

  • All-Level Fitness Support: Suitable for any fitness level, TRX GO provides a universal training solution emphasizing muscle building and flexibility in a convenient 20-minute daily workout.
  •  Travel-Friendly: This one-pound fitness companion fits into any lifestyle, permitting exercise at home, in the park, or on the go. It is all made possible with its easy-to-use Suspension Training Strap and Mesh Carry Bag.
  •  Proven Results: Leveraging bodyweight suspension training, TRX GO is scientifically validated to enhance muscle performance safely, leading to lean muscle gains, fat loss, and improved flexibility.
  •  Unmatched Safety: Designed to support up to 700 pounds, the robust system is the choice of the US Military and professional athletes, highlighting its premium safety standards.
  •  Exclusive Digital Content: Gain trial access to the TRX Training Club App, featuring over 500 diverse on-demand workouts led by certified TRX trainers, specifically customized to meet various fitness ambitions.

The TRX GO is not just equipment—it’s a lifestyle shift. Investing in TRX GO means investing in convenience, adaptability, and the freedom to train on your terms. Join the TRX community and rekindle your passion for fitness, knowing that your body will appreciate the commitment.

Discover the power and convenience of the TRX GO: Your Ultimate Full-Body Portable Workout System. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast craving muscle-building and flexibility, a busy professional seeking a quick yet effective exercise regime, or someone who prefers the comfort of home workouts, TRX GO is explicitly designed for your active lifestyle.

Product Details:

  • Brand: TRX
  • Material: Robust Nylon and Comfort-Foam Handles
  • Color: Sleek Grey
  • Item Weight: An ultra-light 2 Pounds
  • Style: Go – built for simplicity and ease


Universal Training Solution 

➜ TRX GO is an all-in-one fitness system that caters to all levels and goals, making it an indispensable tool for a complete body workout any time, any place. This system is your shortcut to a healthier, more active lifestyle in just 20 minutes daily.

Travel-Friendly Fitness 

➜ Weighing in at just one pound, the TRX GO is your loyal travel companion. Enjoy the freedom to train in your living room, park, or hotel room with the easy-to-use Suspension Training Strap, Indoor/Outdoor Anchors, and a convenient Mesh Carry Bag.

Get Proven Results 

➜ Backed by science, TRX’s Bodyweight Suspension Training enhances muscle activation and performance while reducing the risk of injury. Say hello to lean muscle gains, fat loss, increased flexibility, and bolstered overall performance.

Safety First Approach 

➜ Trust in a product that’s robust enough to be safety-tested to support up to 700 pounds of body weight. With over a decade of reliance on the US Military, professional sports teams, and elite athletes worldwide, TRX is synonymous with quality and resilience.

Access To Premier Workouts 

➜ With your purchase comes an exclusive TRX Training Club App trial. Unlock unlimited access to 500+ on-demand workouts ranging from weight training to mobility training. Crafted by certified TRX trainers, these workouts are tailored to help you reach your fitness goals.

TRX Training Club App 

➜ Download the app without needing a Key To Free Card and start your free trial. Explore an extensive library of workouts that cater to your fitness level and schedule.

Fall In Love With Fitness Again

TRX GO is more than just a workout system; it’s an invitation to transform your approach to fitness. It’s practical, portable, and promises progress. Make a wise investment in your health and regain control over how, when, and where you train.

Leap and join the TRX community today. Your body will thank you.