VOPEAK Metal Yoga Mat & Gym Equipment Storage Rack: Organize Your Home Exercise Gear!

Whether you’re rolling out your mat for a sunrise yoga session or setting up for a high-intensity home workout, VOPEAK gives the reliability and tidiness that every fitness enthusiast deserves. Enhance your training environment today, and focus on what truly matters—your health and wellbeing! 


VOPEAK Metal Yoga Mat and Gym Equipment Shelving Rack: Arrange Your Home Workout Supplies! 

The VOPEAK Metal Yoga Mat & Gym Equipment Storage Rack will help you keep your workout environment structured and your exercise equipment accessible. For home gyms, yoga studios, and even commercial gym owners who want to optimize space and organization, this sturdy and practical solution is excellent. 

Principal Elements 

Sturdy Metal Design: Because it is composed of durable metal, this storage rack will not rust over time. Its robust construction, which can withstand up to 200 lbs, makes it suitable for storing a range of exercise gear. 

Space-efficient Storage: The VOPEAK rack is meant to carry a range of objects, including dumbbells, yoga mats, fitness accessories, and much more. It contains three tiers of shelves and allocated places. 

Versatile Use: This versatile storage rack can hold weights, yoga mats, foam rollers, resistance bands, or resistance bands. It’s excellent for creating a clean, welcoming, and well-organized workout space at home. 

Portability and Practicality: It is easy to move around because of its four universal wheels, two of which are lockable. Thanks to the enhanced simplicity of transportation, you can freely alter your space as needed. 

Other Options for Storage: With detachable hooks on either side of the rack, you can store additional towels, bands, or hanging accessories, keeping your space organized and accessories near hand. 

Unstressed Assembly: With the accompanying tools and easy-to-follow directions, setting up the VOPEAK rack is quick and straightforward. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to help if you have any questions. 

Product Specifications 

Material: Metal 

Color: 3Layer-A-BLACK 

Special Feature: Detachable 

Product Dimensions: 14.37″D x 17.52″W x 33.66″H 

Shelf Type: Tiered Shelf 

About This Item 

Revolutionize your workout routine by arranging all your stuff in one sleek, accessible area. The VOPEAK Metal Yoga Mat & Gym Equipment Storage Rack not only assures a clutter-free zone but also increases the attractiveness of your training environment. Say goodbye to unconnected stacks of equipment and hello to seamless order and style.