Elevate Your Practice: Gorilla Mats Premium Yoga Mat

Maximize your fitness regime with the Gorilla Mats Premium Yoga Mat, now in a stunning Oasis Blue—the perfect upgrade to your home workout space. Crafted with a commitment to comfort and quality, this mat is set to redefine your home studio experience.

Elevate your practice on an ultra-comfortable, Grippy Foam surface with easy maintenance instructions to keep your sacred space pristine with a towel, warm water, and soap. Generous dimensions (72″L x 48″ W) and a solid 9-pound weight ensure freedom of movement and steadfast stability as you flow through your routines.

Gorilla Mats goes beyond the basics with an innovative double-sided design featuring a superior grip and a unique circle-pattern bottom to stay put during your most intense sessions. The extra-thick 8mm high-density construction caters to comfort and support across various floor types.

Each mat includes thoughtful amenities, such as a Microfiber Towel for extra padding, a Carry Bag, and Velcro Straps for effortless storage and transport—transforming every workout into a streamlined experience.

Championing eco-friendly practices and non-toxic materials, Gorilla Mats is a testament to enduring quality without compromising sustainability. Latex-free and odor-free, these mats offer peace of mind to blend seamlessly with your wellness routine.

Whether for yoga, fitness classes, or intensive cardio workouts, Gorilla Mats isn’t just an accessory; it’s essential for anyone serious about their health and well-being. Transform Your Workout Space with Gorilla Mats Today and make each session an exquisite, soul-enriching ritual.


Unleash the potential of your home workouts with the vibrant Oasis Blue Gorilla Mats Premium Yoga Mat. Crafted for yoga enthusiasts and fitness explorers alike, this mat is designed to provide an unparalleled home studio experience.

Key Features:

  • Color: Oasis Blue Mat with a sophisticated Gray / White Towel
  • Brand: Gorilla Mats – the trusted name in home fitness essentials
  • Material: Experience the touch of ultra-comfortable, Grippy Foam – perfect for barefoot activities!
  • Care Instructions: Simple maintenance with a towel/warm water and mild soap. Air dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Dimensions: A generous 72″L x 48″W x 0.31″Th, for unrestricted movement
  • Weight: A solid 9 pounds, ensuring stability and grounding

About This Product:

Create an instant yoga sanctuary in any corner of your home with the Gorilla Mats Premium Yoga Mat. Designed to accommodate all postures and workout styles, whether you practice solo or pair up, this mat reinforces your passion for yoga and fitness.

The upgraded double-sided mat features a top designed for grip and comfort alongside a unique circle pattern on the bottom to keep it firmly in place, ensuring your focus is purely on your practice.

An extra thick construction caters to the marriage of comfort and support with an 8mm high-density, double-thick layer that is gentle on the knees and firm enough to handle any surface, from hardwood to tile, even carpet.

Beyond the mat, we give you a complete experience with a 100% Microfiber Towel for additional padding and traction, a Carry Bag, and two Velcro Straps for hassle-free storage and transport.

Why Gorilla Mats?

Choose superior craftsmanship and premium quality. Our mats withstand the test of time, giving you a lifetime of serene workouts and vigorous routines. We blend eco-friendly practices with non-toxic materials so you can stretch with a clear conscience—no latex, no odors—just peace and performance.

For yoga lovers, teachers, fitness novices, or adept home gym connoisseurs, the “Ultimate Comfort: Gorilla Mats Premium Yoga Mat” is not just an accessory; it’s an essential part of your wellness regime. Step onto your mat and feel the day’s stress melt away, breath by breath, stretch by stretch.

Bring home the Ultimate Comfort Gorilla Mat and transform every session into an exquisite, soul-enriching ritual. Whether mastering the warrior pose or engaging in a vigorous cardio workout, your mat is your ally. Order now and step into the zone of ultimate performance and relaxation.