AIMPACT 5″ Cotton Workout Shorts: Fit & Functionality

Maximum Comfort and Flexibility: crafted with 5% spandex and 95% cotton for a comfortable, elasticized fit. 

Machinable has to be cleaned: Simple upkeep and care, such as machine washing without fuss. 

Global Manufacturing Standards: quality cloth sourced from China that satisfies international standards. 

Supportive & Adjustable: A drawstring-equipped elastic waist provides a snug fit and reliable support. 

Designed with two side pockets and a rear pocket to safely keep personal goods, this item is convenient for on-the-go use. 

Designed for Mobility: Offering a complete range of motion, a 5-inch inseam is appropriate for daily activities and exercise. 

Ensured Sturdiness: Pre-shrunk and wash-treated to reduce fading and keep flexibility over time. 

Versatile Style: Ideal for jogging, working out, or just lounging around, these shorts are a wardrobe staple. 

— Strengthen Your Exercise: Get the IMPACT 5″ Shorts as soon as possible to look and feel your best for any situation. 🎋‍♀️🎒 


AIMPACT 5″ Cotton Workout Shorts: Fit & Functionality

 Raise the bar on your workouts. These shorts provide the ideal amount of comfort and flexibility because they are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Because they are designed to withstand any workout while allowing for plenty of movement mobility, these shorts are perfect for fitness enthusiasts and people who lead active lifestyles. 

Important characteristics: 

High-quality material: a blend of spandex and cotton that is flexible and breathable. Despite being soft, it is robust. 

Machine washable: Simple maintenance is made easier with easy care and machine wash compatibility. 

Superiority in Imports: China is the supplier, guaranteeing adherence to international production standards. 

Drawstring-equipped elastic waist: This flexible fit offers reliable support and constriction as needed. 

Numerous Pockets: With two side pockets and a rear pocket, this bag is ideal for transporting small personal items like wallets and cell phones. 

With an infinite range of motion for daily tasks and exercise, the 5-inch inseam is the perfect length for activities. 

Pre-shrunk and wash-treated: An improved method to minimize shrinkage and fading guarantees that these shorts will hold up over time and stay consistently soft. 

Versatile use: These shorts can be worn for a variety of occasions, including casual wear, morning runs, and gym days. 

Rules for Maintenance: 

Avoid using bleach to keep your IMPACT 5″ Cotton Workout Shorts in the best possible shape. 

Depending on personal taste, wash by hand or in a machine. 

For optimal results, wash at room temperature. 

The IMPACT 5″ Cotton Workout Shorts are a brilliant addition to your workout attire since they balance fashion and functionality. They are more than just a piece of apparel. Whether pushing the boundaries during a strenuous workout or enjoying a laid-back day, these shorts offer the comfort, flexibility, and durability you need to help you realize your full potential. 

Are you prepared to create a lasting impression with each repetition, each run, and every second you spend wearing the IMPACT 5″ Cotton Workout Shorts? 🎋