Ultimate Home Gym: 2000LBS Power Cage with Smith Bar

A Superstar of Fitness with Multiple Applications: The SunHome Smith Machine.

You can have a home gym in one unit with the SunHome Smith Machine since it combines a Smith machine, power rack, squat rack, cable crossover, and butterfly press. This gives you the ability to perform all of these exercises effectively. An at-home gym in a box that can accommodate people of varying levels of fitness is what this product is. With its commercial-grade steel construction, this sturdy machine guarantees both quality and longevity, making it suitable for a wide range of training routines and offering steady assistance.

The Main Attributes and Advantages:


You can move around and do different exercises with plenty of room. It’s like having a whole gym set in one.

Highest Level

These are made from 2 mm thick commercial-grade heavy-duty steel and are designed for serious athletes and exercise fans alike. This machine is stable enough to use while working out, thanks to its 410-pound weight. Removing noise and ensuring everything works smoothly: It comes with a pulley system with rolling bearings. The built-in storage keeps your room clean by giving you a place to put weights and cord extensions. Its several high-performing tools may provide consumers with an all-around workout, regardless of their degree of fitness.

Brand Protection

If you’re worried about the quality of the SunHome brand, you can rest easy knowing that it comes with a 90-day guarantee. The SunHome Smith Machine is more than just an exercise machine; it’s an inspiring friend on your path to better health and strength. The bench and weights must be bought separately.


SunHome Smith Machine, 2000LBS Power Cage Squat Rack

Make your house a complete gym with the SunHome Smith Machine—the best of aFll worlds—a Smith machine, Power Cage, power rack, squat rack, cable crossover machine, and butterfly press arms all in one sturdy package. In your pursuit of health and strength, it is more than just equipment; it is an essential ally.

2000LBS Power Cage Squat Rack Product Information

  • Notable Qualities:
  • The SunHome brand
  • Skin tone: Smith Instrument
  • The material is 2 mm thick commercial-grade steel.
  • The product has the following dimensions: 65.7″D x 80.1″ W x 86.8″H.
  • For increased steadiness, it has a fixed-type handle and weighs 410 pounds. 

Deluxe Smith Cage System

The deluxe system offers a variety of workout stations, enabling a full-body workout without the necessity of a gym commute. It is designed to cater to all fitness levels from home comfort. Bench and weights are sold separately.

Quality and Durability

Constructed from heavy-duty commercial steel, this machine promises unwavering support and durability. Its substantial weight of 410 lbs ensures it remains stable through even the most intense workouts. Its ample footprint also guarantees ample space for diverse exercises like bench presses and squats.

Built-In Storage Space

Your fitness zone remains organized and safe with the built-in storage – 6 weight plate posts, one barbell post, and hooks for cable attachments. Keep clutter at bay and focus on your performance.

Professional Pulley Cable System

Experience a velvet-smooth workout with the rolling bearing pulley system. This feature promises reduced noise and wear and offers a seamless operation. The integrated rowing cable supports critical muscle group development, ensuring every rep counts.

Versatile and Inclusive

This machine is not limited to any one class of fitness enthusiasts. Whether aiming for peak performance as a professional athlete or seeking a supportive system to assist in injury recovery, this machine suits your needs precisely.

Product Information

  • Brand Name: SunHome
  • Warranty Description: 90 days
  • Suggested Users: Fitness Enthusiasts, Home Gym Owners, Professional Athletes
  • Included Components: High-performance accessories for diverse workouts

Every feature of the SunHome Smith Machine screams performance. It stands not only as a product but as a symbol of your dedication to fitness. Are you ready to tackle your goals head-on? With SunHome, now you can.

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